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Rolf Stolz

Born in Mülheim on the Ruhr. After studies of psychology, philosophy and sociology in Tübingen and Cologne work as a psychologist.

26 books: novels, short prose, essays, lyrics, non-fictional literature, children-books, texts for the theatre - for example

"Der unverminderte Schrecken", Francfort 1991; "Eine Betrügerin macht ihr Glück", Munich 1997; "Die Geschichte der drei spanischen Kavaliere", Cologne 1999; "Städte und Flüsse. Gedichte 1962-2000", Cologne 2001; "Der Gast des Gouverneurs in der Wand des Kraters", Weissach i. T. 2001; "Der Abschiednehmer", Freiburg i. Br. 2002; "Begrüßung eines Endes", Freiburg i. Br. 2003.
„VEN = Venedig: Photographien und Texte“ („VEN = Venice: photographs and texts “) A compact-disc with more than 50 colour photographs, poems and stories about Venice. 7,50 Euro (Editor: Kidemus Verlag, Ründerother Str. 15, D-51109 Köln, Tel. 0049- (0)-221/842097, Fax 842098). ISBN 3-9806910-9-8.
„Zellenberg“, Neue Gedichte I-VIII / Poèmes inédits I-VIII; bilingual edition, French translation by R. Fischer, Alhambra Publishing, Bertem/Belgium 2005 (200 pages, Belgian ISBN 2-87448-004-5, price 12,95 Euro (Alhambra Publishing, Bosstraat 139, B-3060 Bertem, Belgium).
„Das Haus auf der anderen Seite“, Baerenklau (Brandenburg) 2008, with illustrations by Marina Volkova,
ISBN-neu 978-3-931164-28-7, 10 Euro (abroad),
100 copies signed by the author and the artist,
(Edition Baerenklau, Koalabaerweg 8, D-16727 Baerenklau).
„Nur Kunst. Essays zu Kunst und Kultur“, Norderstedt 2009;
„Gabelbilder. Neue und rumänische Gedichte“ (poems), Köln 2010;
„Gwalt. Rußland-Erzählungen, Rumänien-Erzählungen, so etwas wie Geschichten“, Köln 2010;
„Das Blutmeer, die Treppe aus Glas“ (novel), Roman, Baerenklau 2011.
„Der Abgrundzauberer“ (short prose) with 5 illustrations by Jean-Claude Coenegracht, Edition Bärenklau, Bärenklau 2013, 248 Seiten, 9,90 € (luxury edition, grand size with 6 illustr. in only 20 signed exempl. for 49 €).
„Sternzeichensatz, Haarbalghunde“ (lyrics) Edition Bärenklau, Bärenklau 2014, 217 p., 7,95 €.
„Flüge und Grüße“ (lyrics) Edition Bärenklau, Bärenklau 2014, 185 p., 8,95 €

Also several exhibitions of photography (in Cologne, Bucharest etc.).

Prize of recognition for short stories of the Town of Wolfen (Saxonia-Anhalt) and several donations.

Authors on Rolf Stolz

Martin Walser: "Your texts have pleased me very much. But the editors always want to start with a novel. It's the market that decides."

Luise Rinser: "I think you have a remarkable talent. (Walser - Robert, not Martin! - Kafka, but in your own way.) The content tortures me, but the form evokes my admiration."

Hans Bender, essay-writer, former editor from 1954 to 1980 of the famous German literary journal "Akzente": " I wish you many readers for your publications and that they will be touched as much by them as I was."

August Everding (1928-1999, famous scenic director of the National Theatres of Bavaria in Munich since 1992): "It is a completely particular play, either by the idea and by the form, an individualistic and original work of art. "The Post" ("Der Posten") shows many imagination in the language, it is elaborated in an artful manner, extraordinarily and poetically."

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